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Golden Foothills Press is a literary indie book press established in 2014 by multiple award-winning author and editor, Thelma T. Reyna.

     The first 4 books issued by this press have won a total of 13 national-level honors.

    • Over 100 diverse California poets have been published by Golden Foothills Press, including 
      Poet Laureates, former Poet Laureates, Pushcart Prize Nominees, and numerous national
      and regional literary award winners.

Golden Foothills Press is one of the few literary book presses in the U.S. owned and operated by an ethnic-minority woman. As such, Dr. Reyna has focused on producing high-quality books showcasing in attractive designs the strong talents of writers from across the spectrum of ethnic, cultural, generational, gender, and geographical diversity.

We have committed to publishing at least 2 new books in 2018, including an anthology of over 50 distinguished Southern California poets. Exciting, high-quality, thought-provoking literature by published and emerging, diverse authors is on its way to you.

Stay tuned for further news about these outstanding forthcoming books!

Our Mission

  • To promote top-quality book authors of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in a variety of ways

  • To foster and support new voices as well as established authors.

  • To cultivate multicultural diversity in our American literary landscape.

We recognize that the world of publishing has undergone tremendous change, and that publication channels will continue to evolve, to be created, and to adapt to the needs of 21st century writers.

As a new entity in Southern California (hence, the "Foothills" in our name!), we are enthusiastic about our forthcoming growth and contributions to these evolutions.


Because of our current publication commitments, no book manuscript submissions can be taken until further notice. Thank you for your interest in us, and please keep an eye on this site, checking back with us in Fall 2018.