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A Stirring, Heartfelt, New Memoir by Thelma T. Reyna
“Dearest Papa is a solid, humble testament of how each millisecond of life expands into a bigger story that represents all of us. It is a deep, detailed poetic account of love and coupling, as delicate as tender gets. Yet, as haunting and beautifully bold as naked could ever be."

  Beverly M. Collins
  Author of Mud in Magic
Naja Naaman Literary Prize
"Thelma T. Reyna has pinned down "lovely" with these beautifully crafted memoir poems. This is a collection of grieving and healing after losing her ‘Dear Papa,’ her husband, Victor, after fifty years of marriage. They are intimate, personal poems, and when you finish, you'll want to kiss someone you love."

 Mary Langer Thompson, Ed.D.
  Author of Poems in Water
Senior Poet Laureate of CA, 2012
Winner of 1 award